Review: Lucky Ducklings

Lucky Ducklings

by Eva Moore, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

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Published: Orchard Books, imprint of Scholastic (February 1, 2013)

Recommended reading age: 3 & up

In a nutshell: It’s Make Way for Ducklings for a new generation. Lucky Ducklings is the true story about about five little ducklings who got stuck in a storm drain in Montauk, New York in June of 2000. One morning, Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin, Little Joe, and Mama Duck decide to go on a walk out of the park and into town. They have a bite to eat and are on their merry way until Mama Duck walks over a storm drain and her little ducklings follow her lead, but the storm drain openings are too large for the five ducklings and they fall in one by one. Someone saw what happened, called the fire department, and a crowd started to draw around the storm drain, but frantic Mama Duck wouldn’t let anyone close to her stranded babies. The Montauk Firemen Department  arrived, and the rescue of the little ducklings got underway.

Falling into the storm drain could of been the end of the story for those ducklings, but it wasn’t. Someone was watching and called the fire department, and it was because of that ‘someone’ that those ducklings stood the chance of being saved. The support within the community saved those little waddling balls of fluffy cuteness. I know I’m not the only one in my library that is looking forward to reading this book during storytime, as it will surely be one that kids enjoy and respond to. Plus, it has a few valuable lessons to share. And not to mention, the illustrations by Nancy Carpenter are absolutely stunning.

It is an endearing story about community, a heroic rescue, and a mother’s love. And most importantly, to be aware of the life around you. You never know when you might be needed. A true story with a whole lot of heart, Lucky Ducklings is a whole lot of wonderful.

Don’t take my word for it: “Make Way for Ducklings”, a review from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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Source of book reviewed: Review copy provided by the wonderful folks at Scholastic.


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