Snow Day

It was the sort of day you feel like staying in. Taking time to lounge and relax day. Read a book cover-to-cover day. A tea and popcorn day. A snow day.

Except there wasn’t any snow.

So I made my own.

The weather in eastern Kansas has only had a few winter-like dips in climate, but nowhere near necessary elements that produce snow. For fun, and because I like to recycle,  I thought I would make these snowflakes colorful and bright by using pages from a magazine.

The only materials used were magazines and scissors. Easy peasy supply list.

Tear a page out of a magazine and fold in half width-wise.

With the crease facing you, fold to make a crease marking the middle.

Fold the bottom right hand corner (B) up so that its crossing over the middle.

Fold the bottom left hand corner (A) up so that the fold lines up with the right side’s edge.

Fold in half so that both sides line up.

Cut off the top 2-3 inches so that you’re left with a triangle.

Cut shapes into the triangle, open, and you have a snowflake! I used this website and this pin from Pinterest to get a few ideas on where to cut.

Once you’ve finished cutting, carefully, unfold.


Best of all, they don’t melt even on the warmest of days.

Wanna make these snowflakes with the kiddos? Check out this list of snowy books that pair nicely. Snow day or no snow day….


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