A Tree of Her Own

My 2-year old daughter, L, is getting to the age when the holiday season means something. Something mysterious. Something wonderful. Something magical. She’s been especially fascinated with: Snowmen (specifically Frosty), Santa Claus, and Christmas Trees. The other day, we were walking around a craft store when she spotted a display of metallic, miniature Christmas trees in an array of colors on display.

“Mama! Mama! Look! Christmas trees! Look! Christmas trees everywhere!”

She had that sparkle of excitement in her eyes. They were cheap. I caved and let her choose one. But it’s not really a Christmas tree unless you decorate it, right? Instead of purchasing ornaments, we decided to make our own toddler-friendly ornaments and garland that she could use to decorate and un-decorate as she so chooses.

It would be a Christmas tree of her very own.

Materials used: Pom pom balls, embroidery thread, a needle, felt, fabric scissors, cookie cutters,  jar lids, a pen, tacky glue (school glue will also work), gift wrap ribbon, and  star sequins.

Making pom pom ball garland is a cinch. Cut a long piece of thread. Thread a needle and then thread your pom poms onto the thread. Kabaam! Pom Pom Garland!

Space them as desired. Double knot both ends of the garland.

Now for the ornaments. I used some cookie cutters and jar lids to trace shapes onto the felt.

I cut the shapes out with fabric scissors.

I also cut holes in the top of the ornament and adorned each one with loop of ribbon.

Now it’s time to decorate.

She chose these star sequins out at the store and didn’t want to use anything else. With a little help she glued the sequins on the felt ornaments. Don’t have sequins? Buttons, felt, glitter, glitter glue, construction paper, and fabric scraps are materials that would be fun to use for this project.

Oh my stars…

After the the ornaments dried it was time to decorate!

I wanted to use lights for the full Christmasy effect, so I wrapped her little tree with at 35-light strand. Since I decided to add lights, when it’s plugged in it is out of reach and under supervision.

After the lights were added we strung up the pom pom ball garland.

And then trimmed the tree with her homemade felt ornaments.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

I think we just started a new crafty holiday tradition. The great added bonus of her having her tree is that it makes for a great distraction for the family Christmas tree. You know… the one with lots of breakable glass ornaments? That one. Now all I have to worry about are the cats…


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  1. Oh this is DARLING! your little girl is such a vision! love all the ornaments!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Julia!! It was so much fun to put together! Now, if I could only get around to putting up the big tree… :)

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