Children’s Book Week

Today is the kick-off of Children’s Book Week, the longest-running literacy initiative in the country! Below is a list of  fun ways for kids to celebrate:

  1. Visit your public or school library and check out a book!
  2. Check for official CBW events and local events in your neck of the woods.
  3. Grab FREE bookmarks created by Lane Smith here.
  4. Encourage kids to write a letter to your favorite author (or illustrator). You can usually find contact information on the publisher’s or author’s website.
  5. Try making your own book! Kids loved putting together these “Color Poetry Books” a few weeks ago. Also try creating this flip book or this handmade picture book craft.
  6. Know a Amelia Bedelia fanatic?  Or is it Bad Kitty? Have a little make-believe fun by encouraging dress up as a favorite book character. Older kids can go one step further and put on a play.

What are you doing to celebrate?

I’d love to know!






image source: CBW poster,


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