16 Books, 16 Days

Today is the voting kick-off for the Tournament of Kids Books, starting with 16 title contenders. The Sweet Sixteen if you will.

To show my support, I’ve challenged myself to reading all 16 books in 16 days or under.

That’s right… 16 in 16.

When I first started working on Tournament of Kids Books, the most difficult part was deciding which books would be in the competition and after much debate, I decided to go with the top 16 most circulated children’s fiction and young fiction books of 2011. That way the winner of the Tournament of Books is the best representative of what the kids of Lawrence are reading today.

But out of that entire list, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve only read one (1!) of the books. Quite a bit of disconnect between what I’m reading and what library patrons are reading.

So, for the Tournament of Kids Books and for the kids of Lawrence, I’m going for all 16 titles in 16 day.

My own bit of madness this March.

Stay tuned!


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