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I was waiting until National Library Week to have “Library Storytime”, but the library is closed for Easter the Sunday of that week, and alas I’m not a patient person, so yesterday was as good as any day in my book to celebrate. And that is just what we did. We read books about reading and books and libraries and made a library card holder for our craft.

Before I started reading, I ask the kids how old they thought someone had to be to get a library card.




After a minute of guessing, I explained that library patrons had to be at least 1 minute old and a resident of the state to be eligible for a library card. So, if they didn’t already have a library card, and if their mom or dad or your caregiver said that it was okay, they could get their very own library card today!

Which was part of my incentive to make library card holders for the craft- to get kids interested in having and caring for a library card.

I’m proud to say, four storytimers received their first library card yesterday.

Sharing the library love.

Library Storytime Lineup:

Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss, illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke

A cute book about a few bored barnyard animals and their trip to the library. A great read-aloud book with fun word play.

Bats at the Library by Brian Lies

I remember when Bats at the Beach came out way back when I worked at a bookstore. Obviously, this is my favorite of the series, with a great message about visiting the library.

Dinosaur vs. the Library by Bob Shea

The little kids loved this one. We’ve read it quite a few times at home as well.

Library Lily by Gilian Shields, illustrated by Francesca Chessa

A new book to the library, Library Lily teaches the value of books and the value of stepping outside them.

Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

I love everything about this book. The illustrations, the story, the message… easily one of my all time favorite picture books.

Library Card Holder Craft:

This was a really fun craft! I pre-made felt card holders and the kids decorated them with their initials. I was a little worried it would take a long time to prep, but it took just as much time as it usually does it with any paper cutting crafts. Made a total of 45 card holders in an hour and a half.

(Feel free to snicker at my extremely poor sewing skills….)

Materials used: felt sheets in a variety of colors, embroidery floss (i.e. friendship bracelet thread), needle, fabric scissors, decorations (we used foam letter stickers).

First, I cut out a small rectangle, about 4×5 inches,  from a standard sheet of felt. It works out that you can cut four rectangles per sheet.

Arrange the rectangle so that it the shorter side (the 4 inch side) is on top.

Thread your needle with embroidery floss. I used about 12 inches of thread, doubled up, with a knot on the end.

Fold the felt rectangle, leaving a little bit of space on top.

I started stitching back to front from the left hand corner of the soon to be pocket.

You can make the stitches as close together or as spaced as you prefer.

When finished stitching, I doubled the last stitch and made a knot in the back.

Finished back of the library card holder.

Finished front of the library card holder.

Decorate as desired.

A special home for a special card.

For general information on how you and/or your child can obtain a library card click here.

image sources: peanuts via prettybooks, book book book, bats at the library, dinosaur vs the library, library lily, otto the book bear


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