Before There Was…

Storytelling is cyclical. Re-tellings, adaptations, similarities are unavoidable. When recovering stray books left out after the library day is over or when assisting patrons, I’ve been finding a lot of them recently.

So, here is my new blog experiment: A regular feature called “Before There Was…” in which I’ll highlight a popular new title and also an older classic that has been around for generations. I’m a sucker for the old books in our library’s collection and I’m always sad to see when they have to be removed due to minimal checkouts.

So this is my tribute to the older copies that seem to sit on the shelf a lot longer than the newer models. This is my attempt at gently encouraging you to give them a chance.

Before There Was…..

The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson, illustrations by Beth Krommes


……….There Was…

Goodnight, Goodnight by Eve Rice


Beautiful, beautiful black, white, and gold illustrations.  Both nighttime picture books for young children. Both are worth the read.

image sources: house in the night, goodnight, goodnight


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  1. […] One of my favorite children’s poetry books is Dark Emperor (which one a Caldecot Honor), so naturally when Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes paired up again for the third time for Swirl by Swirl I was an instant fan. Beth Krommes was previous awarded the Caldecott Medal in 2009 for House in the Night. […]

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