Wardrobe Cycle

A Three Part Story

Part 1: Deep clean

We have one (ONE!) very small, very narrow closet in our new house. While I love our house, space is hard to come by. All coats, clothing, shoes, linens, bath towels, pool towels need to be able to fit, so out with the clothing I haven’t worn in a year, two years, five years…. Out with items that don’t fit. Out with the city girl wardrobe. I’m talking 40% of my clothes and accessories.  I was ruthless. Afterward, I took a large box over to a thrift store, made a pretty penny, and was on my way. No store credit, thank you. Cash only, please. All proceeds donated to making LBD’s room look less like a dungeon and more like a little girl’s room.

Part 2: Fall cycle

Then there was this one day…. The air was fall, the trees were fall, my tea was fall, everyone I passed on the street was fall. Every corner turned was fall, fall, fall. So, I did a thing that only fall can do to me, I stopped inside the same place I sold my box of gently used items to a little over a month ago (Part 1). I slowly perused the wool skirts, admired patterned sweaters, and rustled my way through jewel tone scarves. Ahhh, fall clothes. They remind me of the days long ago when I would go to the department store with my mom for back to school clothes. I loved the anticipation of going back to school. The smell of cedar pencil shavings, the chalk dust, the swish of new corduroy pants walking to school on the first day.

Those memories are great and all, but with a husband in school full-time and a one year-old there’s absolutely no room for a fashion budget. But the beauty of buying vintage or thrift is selling for trade or store credit.

So, this is what I did.

Once the baby went down for her afternoon nap, I went through the items I was on the fence about with the previous massive closet clean.

This is what I took in for trade…

One MOMA-esque black and white skirt…

One canary yellow jacket with glittery buttons…

And two barely worn light-weight scarves.

Out of those four items I took in, this is what I got for trade along with a couple bucks for coffee and a scone…

Part 3: Old and New….ish

I also recently attended a clothing swap party with the leftover goods that didn’t sell from earlier and a few additional items that were weeded. Before I showed up, I had every intention of going strictly for the company and not taking anything home, but I caved and ended up with a few items I’ve been making great use of.

No matter how hard I attempt to stay away, I will always be draw to fashion. One of my guilty pleasures is following a small handful of fashion blogs and while I admire their ability to always seize the latest trend, I feel a bit removed from it. Long gone are the days with a disposable income. I’ve learned the value of need verses want. Not spending, not obtaining more than needed. Utilizing what I have and not taking in more than needed.

New is nice, but old is way more fun.

Skirt: trade (above), All other clothing and accessories: 4+ years old
70’s Plaid Shirt: trade (above), Sweater: 7+ years old, Vintage Levi Jeans: swap, Boots: swap

I’m much more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one, but every once in awhile (when I actually let him take my picture) my husband seems to capture a gem of a shot.


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