Storytime Sunday

I realize it’s Tuesday and not Sunday, but this week I started reading for the library’s Sunday family storytime and was a thinkin’ it might (just might) be fun to start a regular post about Sunday storytime. The books I read and the craft we made… Could be a good time, right?

Back when I was fresh out of college, I worked in the children’s department of a bookstore. And when I wasn’t dreaming about getting a big city break, I would organize and read for the bi-weekly storytimes.

That was about a millions of years ago, so I’m a little rusty. Ease will come with time.

Anywho, this is what we did last Sunday.

The theme: SQUIRRELS

The line-up:

Nuts To You! by Lois Ehlert

The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

A Whiff of Pine, A Hit of Skunk: A forest of poems by Deborah Ruddel and Joan Rankin. We read the poem “October Surprise Party”.

The Squirrelly Craft:

Using this template, I printed off Squirrel’s parts on brown construction paper, cut out the individual pieces, and put each set in their own baggie. Using fall-like-colored construction paper (yellow, orange, green…), gluesticks, and crayons, the plan was to have the kids glue Squirrel together on their autumn themed construction paper.

That was the original idea.

But then on my way to work Sunday, I improvised, collecting fallen leaves for the kids to use in lieu of Squirrel’s paper tail (see above). OR to use as a tree for Squirrel to climb or as a branch from him to sit on (see below).

I thought it turned out nicely.

Then again, you can’t go wrong with squirrels.

Image Sources: Nuts To You!, Busy Squirrel, Whiff of Pine


3 Responses to “Storytime Sunday”

  1. Will Dunn says:

    And take note, mothers/fathers/care-takers of children:

    The kids that were at story time enjoyed (listening and talking about) the books. And the craft seemed to be a big hit as well. I recommend to anyone that needs to keep kids occupied for a little while. The best part – it keeps groups entertained!

    Plus, the story time lady was hot.


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