Last Weekend

Last weekend we had a visitor.

And another visitor.

Both were surprises. A chicken and a cowboy.

The chicken left.

The cowboy stayed.

We kept good company.

Note: Chicken was not on the menu that evening. She retired to her coop forever.

After the cowboy left for the south, we walked around the Lawrence Fall Arts and Crafts Festival.

It was perfect outside.

I purchased a few cut paper art prints by local artist, Angie Pickman. Her work is enchanting.

You can see for yourself here.

That was last weekend. And the weekend before that….

We had a different visitor.

It was the first Kansas football game of the season.

We didn’t go.

But we still enjoyed ourselves.

And wore our tshirts.

Because we’ve got spirit, yes we do.

Then the weekend before that weekend…

I was working, so LBD and her daddy went to the park.

Where they listened to some music.

And ate some BBQ.

Will is not a vegetarian….

LBD isn’t either.

Looks like I’m on my own. Well, me and the chicken.


4 Responses to “Last Weekend”

  1. Mom says:

    Your blog makes me laugh and cry at the same time! Love you guys!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    More travelers lucky enough to visit the Dunn family.


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  2. December says:

    […] but since last weekend’s visits, the surprise Christmas tree I found in our living room from the cowboy when I got home from work Sunday evening, and the hour spent dancing to music with my daughter […]

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