Reading Together: Agate: What Good Is A Moose?

LBD and I picked this book up at the library last week. Feeling sorry for himself, Agate the moose feels all the other animals are far more unique than he. Each animal symbolizing a different gemstone, we learn of their shining traits, and the the reveal of Agates’s own extraordinary characteristics.

A clever little story with absolutely breathtaking illustrations.

Absolutely breathtaking…

We will be returning Agate to his home today. He is the last book LBD and I will check out from the Ludington Library.

New shelves to explore, hidden gems to be found.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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One Response to “Reading Together: Agate: What Good Is A Moose?”

  1. Tiara says:

    I Enjoyed this book a lot. It was so well put together. I enjoyed all the details in the pictures and the specific attention to the birth stones to make each animal so unique in its own way. I enjoyed using this book as a learning experience with my girls. Agate has become a good reminder to me that we all have those times when we feel different. This I felt was such a great way to teach the girls that sometimes they may feel different and ugly but that everyone gets those moments including agate. It was really cool that I could also teach about agates while we read it because I was living in Duluth MN when I picked up this book. It has been a great enjoyment to me and brought me found memories. I will be sharing this with my family for years to come. I want to create the great memories that I was able to enjoy as a kid. I am looking forward to picking up another one of your masterpieces and enjoying it for years to come. Thank you for all the found memories that I have been able to experience because of this wonderful book and I am so excited to see what is in store for you in the future.

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