The Benevolent Library

Don’t be fooled… this picture of our town library is from September. (Oh, glorious blue skies!) The Ludington Library is a teeny, tiny library, BUT they order books that will travel from all over western Michigan to visit me AND I love that they have these nifty Reader Review slips in each book…

Last week, I received notice #1 for an overdue book I took a break from (I’m so easily distracted with other books, magazines, and my RSS feed), but I’m determined to finish it this week. Yup….I put it out there. This week.

Even though I’m holding that book hostage, I don’t have to dodge the library ladies when LBD and I visit for a change of scenery and to check out new books for her. It’s a kindhearted place. The majority of the time they don’t even mention it. Instead, they ask about your family. What you’ve been up to this week.

Small town living is nice like that.


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