Story Time

I can’t remember the first time I became aware of my love of reading. It’s always been apart of me and my mom is the one to thank. She would read to me daily and once I learned to read on my own, she made sure I always had a new book to read. She’s an avid reader and now I am one in the same.

Naturally, I read to my daughter now.

Right after graduating from college, I worked in the Barnes & Noble in the children’s department as Miss Becca, the story time lady. I loved this job.  In the mornings, I would read picture books to toddlers and in the afternoon I would assist young readers and mothers of young readers in finding new books, a matchmaker introducing story characters as potential new best friends.

Ever since that job a many, many years ago I’ve enjoyed Amy Krouse Rosenththal’s books. Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is a current favorite at our house this week. To sum it up, it’s a book that explains morals through the universal language of cookies. The illustrations of the animals along with the text are hilarious.

Favorite line: “Modest means you don’t run around telling everyone you make the best cookies, even if you know it to be true.”

As an aficionado in cookie, I wish this book was around when I was little. Maybe I would have learned a thing or two.

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